Discovering Me: Part 2

I am so happy that a lot of you seemed to enjoy part one of my journey to discover my ancestry. If you haven’t read part one yet you can find that here. Part one of this journey has the most comments one of my posts has seen thus far, so thank you! It was a lot of fun hearing about how this topic is really interesting to a lot of you.

Last time I went over my experience with my 23andMe kit, and today I will go over my experience with AncestryDNA. The basics of each kit are the same, spit in a tube to collect your sample, mail it off and wait for your email with the results.

AncestryDNA Results

My Ancestry test was sent in the same day as my 23andMe test and I received my results from Ancestry about 5 weeks after I mailed my sample. Since I had already received my 23andMe results I was expecting to open my email and have no surprises, but I was way off! The first thing I saw was BAM! 41% Scandinavian. I can not trace a single person back to this region! Not a S.I.N.G.L.E one! I did have a small percentage on my pervious test but nothing substantial, it seemed to be from 8 or more generations ago so 41% made little sense to me.

I can trace multiple relatives to Ireland and had high marks for the same region on my other test so I was not surprised there.

I was however very surprised by the higher percentage of Europe south (Italy/Greece) since I again cannot trace anyone here, also by the low percentage of Europe west (France/Germany) I can trace multiple people to both countries. There were also many lower percentages that showed up this time that didn’t on the pervious test which was interesting to see.

Other Results

One feature Ancestry has that 23andMe doesn’t that I enjoyed was migration lines. They show where your ancestors settled in America and from which regions.

Both Saint Lawrence River and Northeastern States I can confirm with my research, before living in Michigan/Ohio all of my family either comes from Canada or New York.

Just like my pervious test I was able to see other possible relatives who have taken the AncestryDNA test, I came up with 743 possible 4th cousin or closer. I had 2 aunts show up in my results.

My aunt in Michigan came up as a close relative, which includes the aunt relation. However, my aunt in Illinois came up as a 1st cousin. Now this my confuse some of you and I would have been throughly confused as well if I hadn’t already known the answer. *Cue the scandal* She is my half-aunt *gasp* so that is where the relationship link in DNA gets a little skewed. The groups of how you are related are based on the percentage of DNA you share. Since only one of my grandparents is her parent that cuts down our shared DNA causing our relationship to seem farther than it really is.

Another interesting feature is DNA circles. This feature creates a group of people who you have a common ancestor with and share DNA with. I only have one circle so far but it has helped me find new information already. In the circle you can learn more about the ancestor you have in common, I was able to gather more info on him and grow my tree thanks to this.

Both tests make it easy to connect with your possible cousins, but since you can link you DNA results right to you Ancestry tree it makes it easier to see who your common ancestor is right away. Also, it’s fun to explore matches trees when they have put a lot of work into them. One of my possible matches has over 35,000 people in her tree!

My Review

Ancestry was quick with getting my results even during a busy time of year. I was told 6-8 and received them in 5! I wouldn’t say this test was better over 23andMe but if you are looking for more than you percentages and want to connect and build your tree, I think this has better resources for that. I don’t believe my percentages are totally accurate but who knows maybe with building my tree more I will be surprised!

If you would like to order this test and learn where your ancestors are from you can do so here. I would love to hear from you if you what your ethnicity percentages were! It would be really fun to find out I am related to one of you! Even if you don’t buy a DNA test build your tree, learn about your history!

Stick around for Part Three coming soon! I will compare my pros and cons with each test and share some things I have learn thus far!

Until then – Shelby


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