10 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

The holiday season is officially behind us now and with it so is all the talk about what we are thankful to have. I don’t understand why we only talk about these things around holidays. So it got me thinking, what are things making me happy right now and that I’m thankful for? This time of year can be hard for me, I struggle with depression and being cooped up in the winter months (especially now that I am home all day with the baby) can really bring a girls mood down. So without further ado here is a little list of things of things making me happy right now and I am so thankful for.

  1. My son – He is now 5 months old and every day he is learning more! Nothing could possibly make me happier than seeing him master new things daily, especially trying to talk. His babbling just melts my heart, even though he has mastered “dada” and “daddy” but has yet to say “mama”. (Even though Mama is the one home with him all day!)
  2. Blogging – This year I decided I was finally going to jump back into writing and dive into the blogging world after questioning the choice for years. I am so happy that I made this choice because not only do I love writing again, but I have found the blogging world to be the most amazing and friendly place! Everyone is very supportive and we need more of that in this world.
  3. Meeting other bloggers – This goes hand in hand with #2. I have met some really amazing people in the short time I have been in this community. People willing to help each other grow and learn. In a world so full of negativity it’s reassuring to see that there is kindness out there.
  4. Organizing – Since the holidays I have been going crazy organizing and decluttering our lives. It feels so good, to in a sense, give our apartment a make over. Cleaning is also a great destresser for me and I love how everything feels new again after a good clean out.
  5. Crocheting – This is another de-stresser, but it also helps provide me with an income. I have spent these cold winter days working on new crochet projects. Nothing like learning something new and creating something beautiful in the process. If you want to see some of my crocheted items and other projects check out my shop here.
  6. Genealogy – For the holidays I received two different ethnicity kits, the kind you send in a sample of your spit to be analyzed. (Look for future posts on this!) I had dabbled in my family tree before, but had never found out any new information. Since the holidays I have really been working on my tree and have found out some really interesting things I never knew, and raising new questions. If you’ve ever wondered about where you come from I highly recommend looking into your tree you never know what you will find!
  7. Wedding Planning – I think this goes without saying as something I am excited and happy about. We’re getting married! We finally set a date for May of this year so the planning has begun. Even though we are keeping things small it’s great talking wedding plans with my close friends and fiancé’s cousin (also know as my bridesmaids). We have a lot of things coming up this week related to the wedding so you may see another post on that too.
  8. Crafting – I kind of took a break from crafts to work on crocheting but tomorrow my soon to be cousin and I will be making my wedding invitations. I have been gathering ideas and supplies for weeks! I am looking forward to working on them together and not to mention how much cheaper it is to make than buy them! ($60+ to buy versus $10 to make)
  9. Deals – I have been on an incredible streak lately with good deals and saving while shopping. With only one main income it is important to stretch money out as far as it can go, and that is one thing I shine at. In fact just tonight I managed to get a free container of formula while at the grocery store with the deals and coupons I had! Send my fiancé to the store and he comes back with half the amount of items but twice the bill!
  10. Supportive Family – This one is a very important to me, my family is nothing but supportive in my ventures. My fiancé works hard to make sure I can stay home with our son and still helps out at home. When I decided to jump into blogging I kept it a secret from both my fiancé and my family because I was unsure what they would think about me writing. I have always been very self-conscious about anything I make whether it’s a piece of art or something I wrote. You would think it would be easier to open up to them rather than a million strangers online but it is actually the exact opposite. Having a supportive family means so much to me, without them I wouldn’t be able to do any of the things I do.

Let’s keep the positivity flowing even though the holidays have come to an end. Let me know some things that are currently making you happy, I would love to hear from you! If someone makes your list let them know and keep passing along the positive vibes.


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