5 Ways I Make Money From Home

Most of us have all wondered about ways to make money from home I am sure. I use to look for ways often to help reach my traveling goals fasters on top of my 9-5 job. Then when I became pregnant it turned into a search to make an income while I stayed home to raise my son. Whether you are looking for extra income to pay off debts, fund new adventures or even quit the 9-5 life, here are five ways I make money from home.

1) Selling Crafts – Etsy (Global)

This one doesn’t just apply to Etsy, I have sold on Facebook, crafts shows and just by word of mouth as well. Selling crafts or any goods you make can be unpredictable and have its ups and downs. I have had many Etsy pages over the years, but in the summer of 2017 when my pregnancy was coming to an end I decided to jump back into the game. I have always been a crafter of some sort, anything from crocheting to painting. You name it – I probably tried it. So I started listing my projects and creating new ones to add. It was very hit or miss getting sales, but adding in social media to promote my shop helped some. Etsy (or other sale based platforms) are not get rich over night type of settings, but with the right work you can make extra money doing it. Most places like Etsy do take some fees for listing/sales, but in my experience it hasn’t been to drastic. I just account for those fees in my prices by marking things up a dollar or two more than I would selling in a craft show or to friends.

If you would like to check out my store you can find it here

2) Poshmark (US only)

Poshmark is a US based app for reselling items that is ran a lot like Instagram and great for cleaning out all those things you don’t use anymore. You can post almost anything from clothes to make up, and you can sell for any age group! Time to clean out the kids closet? Again, Poshmark does take out fees for the items you sell (hey they gotta make money too) but there are no fees for listing. The buyers pay for shipping during check out and you receive a prepaid shipping label right in your email to attach to your package. In just two months I have made almost $200 just selling clothes that were sitting in our closets! To me the fees on Poshmark are worth it because I can easily mail things out and that is it, there is no meeting strangers from resale groups. A lot of sellers will gather up items that haven’t sold after a set amount of time and donate them. Poshmark is a great way to make a little extra cash and declutter your life at the same time!

If you are interested in setting up your own “closet” on use my code LILMOMMACRAFTS to get $5 when you sign up.

3) Shipt (US only)

This one technically isn’t a job I do from home, but it is super flexible. Shipt is a grocery delivery service and located in many states, but unfortunately they have not made it to all 50 states yet. With Shipt you can set your own schedule to work as much or as little as you’d like. A great perk of this job is there is no requirement of hours or jobs you need to complete to stay active, that means no asking for time off and you are free to change your schedule if anything comes up. Some requirements to work for Shipt are: you must be 18 years old (21 to deliver alcohol in states where they have the service), have a car that is no older than 15 years with proof of insurance, a valid drivers license and a smart phone or tablet to use the shopper app. This has been my biggest income since the arrival of my son and also the perfect job for parents, whether you work or are a stay at home. Income is based of the total of the order you shop, 7.5% of the total plus $5. So if the total is $100 you would make $12.50 and most orders take about a hour to complete – for a “side gig” that is a pretty good hourly wage! Plus most members tip their shoppers so that just adds to your wage. Working for Shipt you are hired as an independent contractor so no taxes are taken from your wages (which are paid weekly by direct deposit) and you are given a 1099 at tax time. Shipt is a great company that loves their shoppers and members. On top of having amazing customer service they reward their shoppers with bonuses and when they reach milestones. There is a very long list of great things I could say about this job and so many perks, like all shoppers get a FREE Shipt membership!

If you would like to see if Shipt is in your area and apply to become a shopper head over here. Also if you want to be extra awesome use my referral code 39932 when signing up!

4) Apps (US/Global)

There are a lot of apps out there that you can earn money on. Some apps that I use are:

Ibotta- you clip deals, take a picture of your receipt and get cash back! Once you reach $20 earned you can cash your money out right to your Paypal. Using Ibotta is similar to clipping digital coupons and are available for many stores and websites. Deals always change so the income varies but some months can be very profitable (in May they had a lot of baby related deals and I got over $80 in cash back!)

Receipt Hog- similar to Ibotta you take pictures of your receipts but thats all! For each receipt you submit you earn coins that can be redeemed to Paypal or Amazon.

Very Dice- I don’t usually play games that claim to pay you for playing but with Very Dice it is so easy. You get a daily spin that earns you dice rolls, you roll your dice and earn points by the number you rolled. You then can redeem those points for gifts you choose in app totally free! This one won’t make you money but it is nice to get items without paying shipping, I like to get things for my son.

5) Baking (Global!)

I occasionally bake for family and friends, great for the relatives who hate making cut out cookies! This isn’t for everyone but you can change baking to another skill you may have. I love baking so it is great to test new recipes out at family gatherings to use them as my test subjects, make them fall in love and then they pay me to do their baking for them! Use your skills or passions to your benefit and earn some cash while doing something you love.

There are many other ways to earn an income from home but these are the current ones I have been using and here I am 5 months strong! If you have a work form home job or way you earn extra income I would love to hear about it in the comments!


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